"We want to change how hearing aids are perceived, used and how they affect peoples' lives."

– Russ Apfel, CEO 

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Keep It Down!

pblackorby 09th, August 2012

It’s the planes flying overhead, loud music being blared in your gym, or horns being honked while you sit in rush hour traffic that all make you want to scream, “Keep it down!”  It’s inevitable that you are being affected by noise is some way in your life.  Some instances of noise are greater than others, but all types of noise you encounter thru your daily routine have an effect on you and your hearing.

Inspiring A Generation

pblackorby 27th, July 2012

It’s the colored interlocking rings, the American flag being worn by our best athletes, and the Olympic theme song resonating thru the air that heightens the excitement for the games. There is no other event that brings our nation together to cheer on our athletes to victory, like the Olympics.    


Understanding Hearing Loss

Hearing connects us with the people and things we care about. As a central component of the communication process, the ability to hear properly is critical to maintaining relationships. Hearing makes it possible to engage, listen, laugh, love and enjoy many of the small things that help shape the quality of life.    However, the reality is hearing loss happens. In the United States alone, more than 36 million people have some degree of hearing loss. Suffering from a hearing loss can impact various areas of life - from personal relationships to professional development. In this section, you can learn more about the causes, symptoms and types of hearing loss.  ...

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Cost and vanity (or the stigma) of wearing hearing aids are the two most common reasons why people of all ages don't wear hearing aids.  After all, don't we all think that someone looks "old" or "feeble" if they need a hearing aid?